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Friday, March 11, 2011

..Where Am I ?..

Searching.. Searching.. and Searching..
Where are you? ( Myself )
Feel like me not me anymore..

What should I do?
Nothing to do..

Should I just ignore all this? ( meaning no need to worry )
Cannot.. cannot because everyone need to know themselves well..
Oh really!.. OK, I understand.. Thanks ya!

Tika diri hampir putus asa
Dirimu hadir memberi semangat
Recently, feeling bad on myself..
Maybe I need someone to calm down myself..
The only person that know me better..
OK.. But who that person?
My Mother.. The most precious person in my life..

* Really2 miss and need you.. My Mother..


hydrogenbond said...

miz my mom too..sok besday dia..='(

NeutralNature said...

really..pity on both of us..don be sad..u have me here..hee ;p
nanti jgn lupa wish..=)